Bosch car service

Bosch Car Service - a professional service network that provides everything you need for your car:

  • General technical condition check;
  • Inspection and adjustment of vehicle lamps;
  • Electrical system inspection and repair;
  • Engine diagnostics and repair;
  • Climate control system maintenance and repair;
  • Brake system inspection and repair;
  • Top level tire and wheel service;
  • Mechanical works.

Our service promise to our customers:

  • The manufacturer's warranty remains;
  • We always keep our promises;
  • We serve all car makes and models;
  • Transparent service costs;
  • Only original spare parts;
  • Quality work done.

Did you know? With more than 16,500 auto service workshops and car centers in more than 150 countries, Bosch Car Service is one of the world's largest independent service networks. “AK12 Ltd.” car service joined the Bosch Car Service network in 2017. You are always welcome!

Professional car servicing

Regular maintenance is the only way to detect problems early and fix defects effectively. Bosch Car Service offers a wide range of services, from vehicle headlights inspections to brake system repair. Because the main purpose of roadworthiness testing is to improve road safety.

General roadworthiness and exhaust check

As the car is approaching the annual roadworthiness test and exhaust check, our service can prepare it for the roadworthiness test. Let's check and repair the car in advance so that there are no unpleasant surprises during the technical inspection. This will save you both time and car maintenance costs. If necessary, we will evaluate the technical condition of the car in your presence.

Regular car inspections

To make sure your car is always driving safely - we will always be happy to look at your vehicle quickly, thoroughly and at low cost. Our specialists use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to ensure quality of service. It is preferable that the car is checked regularly and that you are sure it will always be in good working order. We provide professional technical inspection and quality repairs while maintaining manufacturer's warranties.

Holiday check

Before you go on a longer journey, why not have a full car check with our specialists? We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for testing, and any defects found are immediately corrected. This way you can be sure of a pleasant trip and fully enjoy your vacation. The service is available for cars of all ages and makes. We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standard parts.

Professional winter inspection

Before it gets cold and driving conditions become difficult, it's best to make sure your car is ready for winter to ensure safe driving on ice and snow-covered roads. We check that the most important parts of the car are in working order, from the battery to the door and window seals. The vehicle's technical fluids are also tested for winter conditions, which are especially important just before the first cold weather.

Spring Check

As spring approaches, our service technicians will inspect your vehicle to make sure it is in good working order and to assess how it has handled the often-difficult winter conditions. If necessary, we will replace any defective parts and "wake up" the car after the long winter. The beginning of spring is also the time to take care of the timely replacement of the cabin filter to prevent pollen that can cause allergic reaction.

10-point check

If you want to be sure of safety, let us fully inspect the most important nodes in your car. Then you can be confident in driving safely, which is perfect for even longer trips - regardless of the season. Bosch Car Service 10-point check helps ensure safe driving in all weather conditions. It is based on checking the following points: electronic systems, tires, lights, underbody, acoustic signal, brake visual inspection, battery visual inspection, technical fluids, climate control system.

Professional inspection of headlights

Seeing and being seen is an important aspect of road safety at any time of the year. It is therefore desirable that the car's headlights are regularly checked by a Bosch Car Service workshop.

  • Replacement and repair of individual components;
  • Checking headlights using the latest diagnostic equipment;
  • Top quality Bosch car bulbs.

Please note - Lamp test results from different organizations and countries often give a negative rating. Often, even more than half of the vehicles in road traffic that are inspected detect serious defects in the lighting system. One of the most common problems is misalignment of headlights and fog lights. In addition to the difficulty with height adjustment, light bulbs from unknown manufacturers or even of unknown origin are often a problem. If such products are used for replacement, manufacturing inaccuracies alone will cause the headlamp adjustment to deviate. Unforeseen risks due to defective or misaligned headlights pose a risk to all road users. To be able to cope with adverse weather and road conditions while driving, a quick response is essential. Especially in autumn and winter. That is why it is important to always have the best visibility, for example, using the new AeroTwin technology wiper blades and Bosch high light output bulbs. Then you can be sure that you will be able to recognize dangerous situations much more quickly and react in a timely manner.

Battery service

Is your car battery properly prepared and ready for winter use? Bosch Car Service specialists will be happy to inspect, service and replace the battery if necessary, and of course the old battery will be recycled.

Electronic system diagnostics

If your car has an electronic fault or if any of the warning lights come on, you can rely on our specialists to quickly find the problem. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, you can identify potential causes of interference and quickly and professionally troubleshoot electrical and electronic systems.

"Start / stop" system repair and maintenance service

If your car has an issue with the Start / Stop system or if it is damaged, our specialists will quickly restore its functionality, using our expertise and the wide range of Start / Stop system components available to us, as well as Bosch special diagnostic equipment.

Engine oil and filter change

It is recommended that the oil filter and engine oil be checked at 15,000 km intervals and replaced according to the vehicle manufacturer's instructions. Bosch Car Service can offer professional service as well as a wide range of top-quality Bosch products. Fast, reliable and inexpensive. Top quality materials, recycling of used oil, service book entry for maintenance work.

Professional diagnostics of your car engine

From a technical point of view, cars are becoming more sophisticated and the services are increasingly challenging. By automatically controlling the fuel injection process in modern advanced engine management systems, this guarantees optimum engine performance combined with fuel efficient economy. To make sure this is the case, Bosch Car Service technicians test the vehicle with the latest diagnostic equipment.

Diesel engine and fuel system service

Bosch is the world's leading developer and component manufacturer of diesel fuel technology. If you own a diesel car, it is guaranteed that you will be in the best hands with Bosch Car Service. Our service specialists provide everything from diagnostics to maintenance and repair. Qualified diesel engine specialists and the latest diagnostic equipment at your service!

Professional hybrid and electric vehicle service

Bosch, one of the largest manufacturers of original equipment for hybrid systems and electric motors, supplies many hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturers. That is why Bosch Car Service specialists are fully familiar with the latest testing, maintenance and repairs of innovative hybrid or electric drive systems. We have access to the highest quality genuine Bosch spare parts and staff are regularly given specialized practical training.

Professional air conditioning (AC) or climate control system service

Bosch Car Service technicians will be happy to service your vehicle's air conditioning or climate control system and optional heater (if fitted) to maintain a constant interior temperature and prevent dust, pollen and odors from entering the interior.

  • System drainage, refrigeration and compressor oil refill;
  • Leak test;
  • Pressure and functional test;
  • Changing the cabin filter.

The Air Climate Control (AC) system has become standard equipment in many modern cars, but it requires regular and professional maintenance to ensure long service life. Along with the loss of coolant, bacteria and fungi can also form, creating an unpleasant odor if the system is not properly cleaned. The system dehumidifier should be replaced at least every two years. The dehumidifier is one of the most affected system components. Its function is to absorb moisture from the circulating refrigerant and reduce mechanical wear. Like the engine oil filter, it has a limited service life. You can count on Bosch Car Service technicians to carry out professional maintenance of your car's climate control system while also testing the auxiliary heater. You can always enjoy the right temperature in your car - whether it's cold or hot outside.

Vehicles with Air Climate Control (AC) must be checked by a specialist service. And it’s not just because the system can lose up to 8% of the refrigerant each year which may happen due to the technology used. The best time for climate control system maintenance is early spring, before it gets too warm and allergy sufferers are starting to be affected by pollen.

Often, odors in the car's air climate control system (AC) are caused by bacteria and fungi. Climate control system (AC) cleaning is the best solution to eradicate all organic germs. Advantages - no unpleasant odors, optimal cleaning of the outside air, which is especially important for allergy sufferers, and reduction of fogging in car windows in autumn and spring.

Professional brake service

A perfectly functioning braking system is important not only for you but for all road users. Think about safety and have your vehicle's brake system checked regularly. This is necessary because each car has a certain number of parts that are subject to natural wear and tear during normal operation. Servicing at Bosch Car Service guarantees safety: we check the condition of all wearing parts, such as brake pads and brake discs, brake fluid, and replace worn parts whenever necessary.

Diagnosis and repair of electronic driving safety systems

Bosch is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of electronic vehicle safety systems (anti-lock, anti-skid and traction control). Based on this experience and the ever-present availability of genuine Bosch spare parts, which is an asset to Bosch Car Service personnel, our qualified technicians will guarantee high-quality maintenance and top-quality repair for all automotive electronic security systems.

Top level wheel service

We can provide complete service of the vehicle's wheels - from tire change to balancing and storage, as well as alloy wheel repair. Professional wheel maintenance will ensure not only safe driving regardless of the season and the road, but also a more confident look for your vehicle!

  • Tire balancing, cleaning, storage and replacement;
  • Tire inspection and repairs (including vulcanization);
  • Maintenance of air pressure control system;
  • Wheel geometry and alignment adjustment;
  • Top quality tires from leading manufacturers;
  • Alignment (rolling) of alloy wheels on a special bench.

Bosch Car Service workshops provide the highest level of tire service for your vehicle. We can advise on what tires to buy, winter and summer tires replacement, and specialized storage. In addition to professional service and repair, our technicians will inspect the air pressure and tire tread. On request, we will be happy to check the alignment adjustment and make any necessary adjustments before rebuilding new tires to prevent unilateral or uneven tire wear. A special advantage of the “AK12” Bosch Car Service is its advanced alloy wheel alignment stand and experienced technicians.

Check the tire tread condition!

The legal minimum tread depth for summer tires is 1.6 mm, and 4 mm for winter tires. An easy way to determine the tread depth is by using a 2 Euro coin (1 Euro coin for summer tires). Insert the coin into the tread groove (recess) at its shallowest - if you don't see the stars on the coin, you can continue driving safely. Keeping a 4 x 4 x 4 rule is also good practice. What does it mean? Drive only with tires with a tread depth of at least 4 mm, with the same tread (model) tires on all 4 wheels and tires up to 4 years old.

Captivated by cold

Have you ever been surprised by snow and ice? If you drive with summer tires in winter, you may get in trouble with the police. You can probably count on a fine. And the insurance company will not be prepared to pay for the damage caused by a road accident if you drive with tires that are not appropriate for the road. It should be borne in mind that the risk of accidents in winter is always much higher.

Therefore, our advice is to always drive with winter tires when the temperature is below +7 °C. It is important to know that in modern tires road grip is ensured by protector material rather than its "pattern"; and as temperatures drop, the characteristics of the tread material of summer and winter tires become more distinct. Summer tires 'rubber' becomes hard and cannot provide good road grip even if it has not yet snowed.

Tire tread material becomes obsolete even when the vehicle is not in use. Consequently, the tires should be replaced at least every 10 years, even if the tread is not yet worn. The actual age of the tire is indicated by its four-digit DOT number: the last two digits indicate the year of manufacture and the first two the week of manufacture. Example: “2600” refers to week 26 in year 2000.

New - motorcycle tires

Starting with the 2017 season, “AK12” offers motorcycle tires from the world's leading manufacturers - Michelin, Pirelli and Dunlop. We also offer economy class tires from popular budget manufacturers, as well as scooter tires. Ask our tire sales consultants about the model and size you need - we are confident that we will be able to provide the best solution for your motorcycle in the shortest time possible! Come to “AK12” and see for yourself!

Alloy wheel alignment

Alloy wheels are part of the visual image of a car, but they are prone to the poor conditions of our roads, and even very careful drivers often scratch or even deform the periphery of the disc. Original car manufacturer branded discs are often very expensive, which can be said for almost all professional level tuning products. Therefore, disc damage is very unpleasant. They have an impact on safety, as any damage to the rim, unless there is an abrasion of the protective coating, can lead to tire leakage, which can already lead to dramatic consequences and considerable material loss, even at the cost of purchasing a new tire.

“AK12” has had a state-of-the-art disc straightener for a long period of time, and we offer repairing a significant portion of damaged alloy wheels. The process of repairing discs is complex and can vary in cost and result, depending on disk damage, geometry, model, and material. The cost of the service is estimated between 10 and 50 EUR per repair per disk, including VAT. Repair costs depend on the size of the disk, the nature and amount of damage and deformation as determined by the master at the time of disk diagnosis.

Our advice - try to protect your car’s jewelry - alloy wheels. Sometimes even a single impact on the edge or edge of a pit in a parking space can cause deformation that can be followed by distortion in the disk geometry, such as deflections, "pumps", axes and radial misalignments, not to mention damage to the decorative paint. Clean and light alloy wheels - polishers of every car and its owner's image!

Quality repair of car mechanical systems

If you have a problem with any mechanical system or suspension, such as shock absorbers, you can rely on Bosch Car Service specialists who have the latest diagnostic equipment and genuine Bosch spare parts.

  • Latest diagnostic equipment;
  • Qualified staff with access to technical data;
  • Long-term experience with different make and model cars;
  • Original spare parts meeting OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards.

Take care of your car's exhaust system

Exhaust system - one of the most important systems in the car. If the front or rear silencer is damaged, it will result in higher fuel consumption and even damage to the engine itself. Because this system vibrates and is constantly exposed to external influences, corrosion damage or vibration - holes or cracks can occur over time. Bosch Car Service staff will be happy to service and repair your vehicle's exhaust system and make sure that the entire system is precisely aligned, from the positioning of the components and components to the flexible mountings.

Worn out shock absorbers - it's dangerous!

The numbers speak for themselves: some 6.2 million cars on German roads have damaged shock absorbers. 50% of all accidents can be attributed to poor condition of shock absorbers for cars older than 10 years or with a mileage of more than 150,000 km. Serious defects can be found in 9.3% of cars that are only 3 years old. Handy tip- damaged shock absorbers can make the braking distance 20% longer and significantly accelerate tire wear. In addition, they reduce grip and impair cornering stability. Therefore, we recommend that you have your car's shock absorber checked regularly by a specialist.

Caution: risk of accident! Did you know that safety systems like ABS, ASR or ESP will not work with defective shock absorbers? Even the braking distance for a vehicle in this condition can be much greater than for a vehicle without ABS. Therefore, we recommend that you have your shock absorber regularly checked by a specialist and replace any defective parts immediately for your safety.

Spare parts sales

We offer a wide range of passenger car spare parts at “AK12” service center stores in Valmiera and Cesis. The most frequently needed parts are always available in stores, and our assortment is created by analyzing customer demand. We order parts that are not immediately available from our business partners to ensure the fastest possible delivery time.

In the field of passenger car spare parts, our long-term partners are well-known companies "Autofavorits", "Inter Cars", "Baltic Auto Parts" and "APE Motors", which offer well-known brands of passenger cars from more than 300 suppliers worldwide.

The main groups of spare parts for cars offered by “AK12” are:

  • Car maintenance materials (engine oils, coolants and brake fluids, filters);
  • Suspension and running gear, steering and braking system spare parts;
  • Engine parts;
  • Body parts;
  • Auto-chemistry.

Advantages of “AK12”:

  • The products in stores are used for passenger car repair, thus providing the customer's car with a proven technical solution;
  • Various suppliers, wide selection of quality and prices;
  • Great guys. Probably the sexiest service in Vidzeme region.

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