History and values

Let the road continue... - these words are important to every driver and every entrepreneur, because in good technical condition the car will reach its destination in almost circumstances, but the sustainability and continuous operation of the mechanics are the key to success in business. We, “AK12” Ltd., are a company that takes care of full service of cars, trucks, industrial and agricultural machinery, and is one of the largest tire suppliers in the region. In 2017, our passenger car service has become BOSCH CAR SERVICE - a brand whose high-quality standards and technical capabilities are known and valued throughout Europe. We have also become the official dealers for BOSCH handheld power tools. Currently, “AK12” has expanded its expertise and opened a metalworking and mechanical engineering workshop, expanding its service offering to development and manufacturing services for all types of industrial machinery, including utilities, forestry and agriculture. “AK12” is a 100% Latvian brand owned by a highly professional multidisciplinary company that is well known and highly regarded both in Vidzeme and throughout Latvia with its commercial, service and manufacturing infrastructure in Valmiera and Cesis - the very heart of Latvia.

Advantages of “AK12” in passenger car service:

  • professional experience in car service with passenger cars;
  • a wide selection of passenger car tires for the winter and summer seasons;
  • tire service - all tire related services in one place;
  • excellent value for money;
  • timely and fast delivery of spare parts.

Advantages of “AK12” for truck service:

  • long-term professional experience in freight transport service, repair;
  • one of the leaders in truck tire trade in Latvia;
  • the first mobile tire service provider in Latvia - guaranteed delivery of truck tires and their full service anywhere in Latvia;
  • excellent quality at a reasonable price.

We have every reason to be proud of the story of our company and its brand. Our company name “AK12” has a special history. More than half a century ago, as far back as 1945, the Valmiera convoy was established, which was engaged not only in the transport of goods and passengers in the vicinity of Valmiera, but also transported cargo to near and far USSR cities. During the Soviet times, the Valmiera auto company had more than 800 employees. After a while it was renamed as Valmiera Transport Company No. 12, later named simply “AK12”. Gradually the fleet grew to have as many as 400 units. In the beginning of the 1990s the company was divided into two parts - one focused on passenger transportation and continues to operate successfully as “VTU Valmiera Ltd.”- a municipal company. The other company focused on international and local freight transportation and auto servicing by establishing “AUTTRA Ltd.”. In 2007, the auto repair service, spare parts and tire sales branch was separated from “AUTTRA Ltd.” establishing “AK12” – the letters that were chosen for the brand fifty years ago. In 2011, September 16, “AK12 Ltd.” opened extensive and modern passenger and truck service centers in Valmiera region - just one kilometer from the border of Valmiera on the Riga-Valmiera highway, in Koceni municipality "Kalnmeijas" (shop and car service center) and "Jaunmeijas" (truck and industrial machinery service center). In 2018, “AK12 Ltd.” opened a metalworking and mechanical engineering workshop in Cesis, adding industrial production capacity to its services and providing more jobs in the region. In April 2019, as a result of the ongoing expansion, a truck and industrial machinery service was opened next to the metalworking plant, occupying nearly 1,000 square meters of well-equipped premises.

In the autumn of 2020, “AK12” created the brand POWERLYNX – for the company's self-developed and manufactured logging and other industrial machinery and components thereof.