Industrial and truck service center in cēsis

“AK12” freight vehicle and industrial equipment service center in Cesis provides professional, prompt and quality service for any type and brand of truck, regardless of year of manufacture. We specialize in working with Scania, Volvo, MAN and Mercedes trucks and all-trailer trailers. “AK12” provides after-sales service and after-sales service on the machinery made and installed at its engineering plant, as well as a full-service cycle of customer fleets, as well as special machinery renovation works.

Our service covers the most common tractors, agricultural machinery and implements of any type and brand, as well as industrial, road construction and warehouse equipment, regardless of the year of manufacture. We provide emergency technical assistance in the field or in the forest or at the customer's site using mobile mechanical workshops designed to provide Mobile Tire Service. If needed, individual parts or assemblies can be reconditioned on site at the “AK12” mechanical engineering facility in Cesis, which is particularly beneficial in terms of time and cost, and for bulky industrial or agricultural machinery.

“AK12” offers:

  • Maintenance - from small jobs to full maintenance based on the number of hours the machine is serviced. Timely maintenance will only extend the life of the technical unit and protect it from damage, including additional costs.
  • Diagnostics - complex and in-depth technical inspection, through visual inspection and connection of the engine to specialized equipment to obtain data on possible errors and damage.
  • Timely and preventive repairs of any kind and complexity - even seemingly minor technical malfunctions - can become a major problem over time. We use spare parts offered by “AK12” partners for our service, who have proven their quality throughout years of cooperation.
  • Oil Change - timely replacement of quality oil is one of the most important conditions for increasing engine and hydraulic system and transmission capacity. “AK12” offers a variety of industrial oils, greases and all oil change related products from well-known manufacturer Mobil as well as providing oil change at service or on-site customer service. In addition, we perform filter replacement, engine coolant filling and other technical fluid replacement work.
  • Truck aluminium fuel tank repair with TIG welding.


Truck and industrial vehicle tires and tire service

“AK12” service technical equipment is suitable for mounting any truck, agricultural or industrial tire. This allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive service, both in terms of selling tires and servicing them throughout their life cycle. We offer a well-known brand of specialized tires for industrial and warehouse equipment from the world's leading manufacturers - Bridgestone, Continental, Firestone, Fulda, Goodyear, Hankook, Kormoran, Kumho, Matador, Michelin, Remix and Sava. We supply custom-made tires for the equipment used in your company.

We offer:

  • Disassembly and assembly of tires;
  • Tire repair with / without vulcanization.

Advantages for “AK12” customers - our Mobile Tire Service “AK12” is the first in Latvia to establish a mobile tire service, offering complex tire service with specially equipped transport - workshop. The technical equipment of the mobile tire service car allows service of tires up to 2 meters in diameter. “AK12” has two Mobile Tire Service portable workshops.

Mobile tire service offers:

  • Delivery and assembly of trucks, agricultural and industrial machinery tires at the place and time specified by the customer anywhere in Latvia;
  • On-site tire repair as required;
  • Tire monitoring - regular inspection and analysis of customer fleet tires, preparation of forecasts for future tire replacement. Customer benefit - predictable tire replacement costs.

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